4 Lifestyle Problems Associated with Lip Tie and Tongue Tie

4 Lifestyle Problems Associated with Lip Tie and Tongue Tie

December 1, 2021

Tongue-tie is a congenital disease in which an abnormally short frenulum limits the ability of the tongue to function properly. The lip tie is an unusually tight lip band that ties the upper lip to the gum line. Lip and tongue ties often occur at the same time, it is more common in boys than girls, and the condition is often generational.


The lingual frenulum is normally separated before birth, allowing free tongue movement. When using the tongue, the tongue lace is attached to the bottom of the tongue. Why this happens is largely unexplainable, although some cases of tongue frenulum are related to certain genetic factors.

Risk Factors

Although tongue and lip tie can affect anyone, its occurrence is more common in male children than in females. Tongue ties can be generational where it affects one generation after another.

Tongue and lip ties are conditions restricting children from using their lips and tongue effectively. The restrictions lead to a variety of issues that are now becoming more common among children nationwide. These situations cause the following problems:


  • Difficulty moving and lifting the tongue from side to side
  • Problems with sticking out the tongue past the lower front teeth
  • The tongue appears to be heart-shaped when stuck out

Suppose you find that your baby has any of the above conditions. In that case, we invite you to make an appointment with our dentist in Bozeman, MT, in order to use our advanced technology to treat your child and conduct a proper evaluation that offers a commitment to mild dentistry.

The complication of tongue-tie is that it affects the eating and communication habits of the child. These complications can lead to:

Poor oral hygiene

For older children, tongue and lip ties can make removing food debris from the teeth difficult. This can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. A lip tie may also cause a gap or space between the two bottom teeth.

Breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding demands that a baby keeps the tongue over the lower gum while sucking. If unable to adjust the tongue and keep it in the right position, the baby might chew instead of suck on the nipple. This leads to nipple pain and interferes with the baby’s ability to feed. Poor breastfeeding leads to malnutrition and delayed growth and development.

Speech issues

Lip tie leads to poor communication since one is unable to pronounce some words and letters fully.

Oral usage challenges

Tongue-tie interferes with activities such as kissing, licking ice cream, playing wind instruments, or licking lips.

Treatment Procedure

If your child is born with a physical condition where their tongue has limited mobility, our emergency dentist near you will use laser dentistry to correct the problem during a procedure that takes less than 5 minutes.

Using advanced technology

Using laser has greatly improved soft tissue surgery, such as lip and tongue ties, making the restorative tongue tie procedure more gentle.

This is a non-invasive process with little discomfort, and it has the benefit of fast healing. Babies scheduled to undergoing surgery return to their mother’s arms afterward, where they get comfortable and can start feeding immediately. For older children, giving them toys and giving them time to play will help calm them.

Our Commitment

Every child is special, and each parent is concerned for their child’s wellbeing. With this in mind, we commit to working directly with parents to design a treatment plan that considers every demand and answers every question they ask.

As every child is unique, we cannot design their perfect procedures without meeting them first and conducting a check-up. This is why we invite you to schedule an appointment for a consultation at Bridger Children’s Dentistry. We’ll offer specialized procedures for your child’s tongue and lip tie conditions in Bozeman, MT.

At our children’s dentistry, your child’s development, comfort, and safety is the priority of our dental team. Our specialists understand the challenges parents face to consider the best treatment for their children, whether they are newborns or older children. That’s why we are committed to using the most advanced equipment for gentle treatment to ensure maximum comfort for your child during treatment.