How Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Child’s Smile

How Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Child’s Smile

January 4, 2022

A dental crown is a tooth-like custom-made cap placed over damaged or decayed teeth by a dentist. It restores, protects, and strengthens teeth. Crowns can be placed on both children’s and adults’ teeth. For example, the Pediatric dentist in Bozeman, MT, uses pediatric crowns to protect and preserve the kids’ ability to chew, talk, and smile.

Which Types of Pediatric Crowns Are Suitable for Your Child?

When you take your child for dental crowns near you, here are some types of crowns the dentist can use on your child’s teeth.

  1. Stainless Steel Crowns

These are suitable for teeth that must absorb strong bite forces such as the molars and premolars. In addition, stainless steel crowns are durable, easy to clean, and affordable.

  1. Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are used for strong, natural-looking restorations. Their high-quality and durable material ensures that the crown lasts for years. Therefore they give permanent teeth time to erupt.

  1. Gold Crowns

Gold tooth caps for kids are suitable for permanent teeth that are damaged or decayed. Instead of extracting the child’s permanent tooth, gold crowns can be used. They are strong and will last the longest compared to other types of crowns.

  1. Resin Veneer Crowns

The crowns are as durable as stainless steel crowns and have the aesthetics of a resin facing. A dentist uses them for restoring front or back teeth since they are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Composite Strip Crowns

Composite strip crowns are used on the child’s front teeth as they are natural-looking. They are applied to the damaged or decayed tooth by an experienced dentist.

  1. Polycarbonate Crowns

These crowns are made up of a heat-molded plastic that is cemented to the tooth being restored. The crowns are used for temporary restorations as you wait for the permanent teeth to come in. their tooth-colored material enhances aesthetics providing your child with a more confident smile.

How Are Dental Crowns Placed?

Most parents become anxious when their child has to undergo a painful experience. With pediatric crowns, you have nothing to fear. The pediatric dentist in Bozeman, MT, places crowns in an easy, fast, and pain-free procedure. First, the area of treatment is numbed using local anesthesia. It ensures that your child feels comfortable and safe during the treatment.

Next, the tooth is cleaned to remove any bacteria or acids. Next, the damaged or decayed enamel is carefully removed from the tooth. Your child’s tooth is then shaped to prepare it for attachment to the crown. Once the crown is custom-made, it is cemented to the tooth, completely covering it.

Cavities can develop on the crowned tooth near the gums and damage the tooth from inside the crown. The crown can also weaken, develop rough edges or move slightly over time. Ensure that your child attends routine dental exams. The dentist will track the state and performance of their crown. In-between visits, ensure that your child observes proper oral hygiene.

How Dental Crowns Improve a Kid’s Smile

  1. A child whose teeth are broken or chipped will have difficulties when eating or speaking. The dentist will use crowns to strengthen and restore teeth’s functionality.
  2. Crowns restore the confidence of a child who has been psychologically affected by the appearance of their teeth. A child may become shy or reserved because of the condition of their teeth. Once the teeth are repaired using crowns, their confidence increases.
  3. They safeguard a child’s primary teeth by restoring normal tooth function. Crowns also guide the erupting permanent teeth into the proper position.
  4. Pediatric crowns improve a child’s bite. It decreases the risk of issues such as crowding, bruxism, and misalignment. Your child’s smile remains protected as they grow.
  5. A crown can prevent tooth loss if your child suffers from toothache and tooth sensitivity because of tooth decay. Dental crowns near you are used to protect the tooth structure and keep the tooth in place for a long time.
  6. A child who is always eating sugary treats or cannot clean their teeth properly is at high risk for tooth decay. Dental crowns in Bozeman protect the teeth of kids who cannot maintain oral hygiene.


Have your kids smile confidently by improving their smiles with dental crowns. At Bridger Children’s Dentistry, we offer a pleasant dental experience for your child. Our children-friendly staff will ensure your child is comfortable during the treatment. Contact us for all your child’s dental health services for a better smile.