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Airway Orthodontics in Bozeman, MT

Most parents expect that their children will need some form of orthodontic treatment as a means of achieving straight teeth. However, what many parents may not realize is that orthodontics is not just about creating a great smile. In some cases, crooked teeth are linked to underlying causes of obstructed breathing. This can interfere with your child’s sleep, resulting in less than optimal development and performance.

Airway orthodontics in Bozeman, MT, is an innovative and effective treatment designed to correct obstructed breathing in pediatric patients. Bridger Children’s Dentistry is committed to your child’s long-term oral health and their overall well-being. If your child is experiencing signs of obstructed breathing, our dentist near you can help.

What Is Airway Orthodontics?

Airway Orthodontics is a part of pediatric dentistry that focuses on the relationship between the oral cavity, breathing disorders, and long-term health. In some children, certain oral habits and/or structures create breathing obstructions. This results in lower oxygen levels that, across time, can increase risks for serious health and development problems.

Dr. Nasim Aleagha will safely and comfortably assess whether your child would benefit from airway orthodontics. Some symptoms of pediatric breathing obstructions include:

  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Poor sleep
  • Frequent sinus infections
  • Rapid and/or shallow breathing
  • Impeded growth and/or development
  • Poor school performance
  • Problems such as ADHD or hyperactivity

If you notice any of these signs in your child, please communicate them to us. Our dental team will provide professional and compassionate care.

How Can Airway Orthodontics Alleviate Obstructed Breathing?

Airway orthodontics near you provides treatment for children who suffer from obstructive sleep disorders. These disorders cause episodes during sleep in which a child’s airway is completely or partially obstructed. Airway orthodontics can alleviate obstructed breathing by forming a more effective airway through enlargement or development.

With Dr. Nasim Aleagha’s expertise in airway orthodontics, your child will breathe better, sleep better, and notice an enhanced feeling of wellness. This improves overall health and development. In addition, airway orthodontics in pediatric patients may eliminate or reduce the need for further orthodontic treatments such as braces or surgery.

Our dentist in Bozeman, MT, is dedicated to each patient’s overall well-being in addition to their oral health. At Bridger Children’s Dentistry, our dental care team looks forward to the opportunity to assess your child’s need for airway orthodontics and improve the quality of life for your entire family!

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