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Dental Fillings in Bozeman, MT

Sometimes children’s teeth, both primary and permanent, suffer from decay that results in a cavity. Though cavities are common, they need treatment in order to restore the tooth and prevent more serious damage to your child’s oral health. That’s why Bridger Children’s Dentistry offers dental fillings near you. Our dental care team provides attentive, gentle, and individualized treatment for any cavities that form in your child’s mouth with dental fillings. Most fillings can be completed with our state-of-the-art Solea laser without injections! We’ll also work to guide your child in ways to prevent cavities from forming in the first place.

Why Dental Fillings Are Necessary

When a tooth suffers from decay, tiny holes are formed in the enamel of the tooth’s surface. These holes are called dental caries but are more commonly known as cavities. During your child’s routine exam, Dr. Nasim Aleagha will identify if any cavities are present. If your child has a cavity, the decay has most likely reached the softer inside, or “dentin” layer, of the tooth. Once the decay reaches this area, it spreads fast, and the cavity grows.

Dental fillings are necessary because tooth decay and cavities do not heal or resolve on their own. Dr. A needs to remove the decayed material from your child’s tooth and replace it with professional protective material called a filling. This restores the structure of the tooth.

It’s also important for parents to understand that even baby teeth with cavities may need dental fillings in Bozeman, MT. Tooth decay can spread from one tooth to another, which can result in significant oral health problems for your child.

How to Prevent Cavities (and Fillings!)

Of course, it’s best to prevent cavities so that fillings aren’t necessary. Our dentist near you will guide and instruct your child to empower them with excellent oral hygiene habits. However, at-home dental care isn’t always enough to prevent cavities and fillings. Dr. Nasim Aleagha recommends these strategies for cavity prevention:

  • Regular and thorough brushing and flossing
  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks
  • Dental sealants for molars
  • Visiting our dentist in Bozeman, MT, for professional exams and cleanings twice a year

Our dental care team at Bridger Children’s Dentistry is committed to providing thoughtful and quality oral health care for your child, including treating cavities with dental fillings near you. We look forward to your next visit and to help your child stay cavity and filling-free!

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