Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Bozeman, MT

Parents are busier than ever. Though most realize the importance of excellent oral health habits at home, it can be difficult to monitor the daily brushing and flossing of children. Dr. Nasim Aleagha recommends dental sealants to protect your children’s molars and help prevent tooth decay. Bridger Children’s Dentistry offers dental sealants near you at our positive and professional pediatric practice, where we provide careful and comfortable dental care to our patients—big and small.

Those Complicated Molars!

When your child’s molars begin to emerge from their back gums, it’s another milestone in their development. However, this milestone can make dental health a little complicated. The surfaces of molars feature many crevices that can trap food particles. These particles are difficult to clean effectively, even with the best brushing and flossing techniques.

As these food particles remain on the surfaces of molars, they break down into materials that cause tooth decay. If enough tooth decay is present, then a cavity forms and treatment is necessary with our dentist in Bozeman, MT. It’s far better to keep tooth decay out of those molars, and dental sealants near you are an excellent supplement to brushing and flossing for healthy, cavity-free teeth.

How Dental Sealants Protect Those Molars!

During a relaxed and safe office procedure, Dr. Nasim Aleagha and our dental care team will apply a protective coating to your child’s back teeth. In just a few minutes with our professional tools, this coating will create a seal so that the surfaces of your child’s molars will be protected against those remaining food particles that result in tooth decay and cavities.

It’s important for both parents and children to note that dental sealants are not a substitute for regular and thorough brushing and flossing at home! They are a preventive measure designed to be part of an overall approach to dental care.

At Bridger Children’s Dentistry, we understand how difficult it can be for parents to monitor their children’s oral hygiene at home. That’s why we offer dental sealants in Bozeman, MT, to protect your children’s molars and to give you some peace of mind. For more information about sealants, contact our dentist near you so our team can put a smile on the faces of you and your child!

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