Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy in Bozeman, MT

One of the privileges of pediatric dentistry is helping patients from birth to adulthood achieve optimal oral health and wellness. Unfortunately, some children suffer from disorders of facial and oral muscles. These disorders can result in problems with nursing, facial-skeletal growth and development, swallowing, chewing, breathing, and many other oral functions. Sadly, such disorders can also interfere with oral hygiene, speaking, and social interactions.

Myofunctional Therapy in Bozeman, MT, is a resource for patients and families. This therapeutic process utilizes exercises and behavior modification techniques to retrain the patient’s tongue, lips, and jaw. Our dentist near you can recommend myofunctional therapy to correct functional irregularities that are present in the face and mouth. Our team at Bridger Children’s Dentistry is committed to providing quality, comprehensive, and compassionate dental care to your child.

Reasons for Myofunctional Therapy

There are several reasons why myofunctional therapy near you is a valuable resource for your child. Dr. Nasim Aleagha will evaluate whether your child requires or would benefit from this therapeutic process.

Some of the common reasons for myofunctional therapy are:

  • Presence of tongue thrust
  • Little to no progress in speech therapy with making new sounds or words or with speech intelligibility
  • Open-mouthed breathing and/or difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Irregular forward movement of the tongue when swallowing, eating, or making speech sounds

Both the movement and resting position of the tongue is crucial for healthy oral posture and functioning. Our dentist in Bozeman, MT, can assess your child’s oral posturing and functioning during an examination.

Myofunctional Therapy Process

Myofunctional therapists work with patients to develop an awareness of the facial and oral muscles used during swallowing and when the tongue is at rest. An individualized exercise and therapy program will be established for your child to strengthen facial muscles, rehabilitate tongue posture, and develop positive oral habits and patterns with the tongue, lips, and jaw.

This process can improve several oral issues such as drooling, difficulty chewing, speech problems, incorrect swallowing patterns, and poor oral posture. Dr. Nasim Aleagha will work with you, your child, and other professionals to create a team approach towards the goals of positive speech and oral functioning.

For more information about myofunctional therapy near you, contact Bridger Children’s Dentistry. We look forward to seeing you and your child soon!

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