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Newborn and Infant Tongue Tie Release in Bozeman, MT

Less than ten percent of babies are born with the condition ankyloglossia, which is the medical term for “tongue-tie.” Tongue-tie occurs when the “frenum,” a small bit of soft tissue in the mouth, is too short or tight in its connection from the tongue to the mouth. This can create issues with nursing and, eventually, a child’s speech.

Though any medical condition can create anxiety for new parents, tongue tie can be corrected with a simple procedure performed by our dentist near you. Laser dentistry features minimal risks and almost no complications for newborn and infant patients. At Bridger Children’s Dentistry, your child’s safety, development, and oral health are the priorities of our dental team. That’s why Dr. Aleagha uses the Solea Laser for newborn and infant tongue-tie release in Bozeman, MT.

Lingual Frenum

The lingual frenum is the soft tissue connecting your tongue to your mouth, featuring complex muscles that are essential for proper oral function. Newborns and infants that are born with a shortened lingual frenum are limited and restricted in the movements of their tongue. This “tongue-tie” can interfere with nursing and feeding, even leading to sleeping or breathing problems.

Mothers may notice signs of tongue-tie if they have persistent difficulty with breastfeeding. Symptoms of tongue-tie that may be present in newborns and infants include:

  • Difficulty latching onto the breast
  • Poor weight gain and/or nutrition
  • Fussiness or frustration when nursing
  • Prolonged nursing
  • Frequent spitting up or gas
  • Dribbling from mouth
  • Difficulty holding the pacifier in mouth

Toddlers & Older Children

Occasionally, symptoms of tongue-tie go unnoticed until toddlerhood or until children are a little older. In these cases, children with an untreated tongue-tie often develop speech problems, difficulty with eating, trouble sleeping, and more issues. If you notice your child having speech delays or problems that don’t resolve over time or any eating or sleeping struggles, an unidentified tongue tie could be the reason.

Solea Laser and Tongue Tie Release

Developments in dental technology, such as the Solea Laser, have drastically improved soft-tissue procedures such as newborn and infant tongue-tie release near you. If your child is born with ankyloglossia, our dentist in Bozeman, MT, can use the precision of laser dentistry to correct the problem. This procedure is non-invasive, with little to no discomfort and rapid healing time.

How the Procedure Works


Using our advanced technology, the procedure for the release can be completed in under 5 minutes.


Babies can immediately be placed in their mother’s arms afterward and begin to nurse if needed. Older children can immediately play with a toy or other activity.


Before leaving our office, Dr. Aleagha and her team will provide you with exercises to be done at home to achieve maximum benefit before rechecking the procedure in a follow-up appointment approximately one week from the date of the procedure.

Of course, Dr. Aleagha understands how difficult it can be for parents to consider any professional treatment performed on their newborn or infant. It is important, however, for parents to remember that children with tongue ties are at risk of health problems due to ineffective nursing and speech development problems at a later age. Utilizing the Solea Laser to release tongue tie with precision can have a life-changing impact with almost no risk. Contact Bridger Children’s Dentistry for more information.

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