Older Children

Tongue and Lip Ties in Bozeman, MT for Older Children

Occasionally, symptoms of tongue-tie and lip-tie go unnoticed until children are a little older. In these cases, children with an untreated tongue-tie can often develop:

  • Speech problems and frustration when trying to speak
  • Prolonged pacifier dependence or thumb-sucking
  • Difficulty with eating certain foods that are texture specific
  • Trouble sleeping including restless sleeping, teeth grinding, and snoring
  • Complaints of headaches, ear infections, sinus issues, or respiratory infections

If you notice your child exhibiting one or more of the above concerns that do not resolve over time, an unidentified tongue tie or lip tie could be the reason.

Dr. Aleagha understands how difficult it can be for parents to consider any professional treatment performed on their little one. It is important, however, for parents to remember that children with tongue ties are at risk of developing health problems due to ineffective eating and sleeping. Making an appointment at your earliest suspicion that your child could benefit from a tongue and lip tie treatment near you is always recommended.

Another method of addressing ankyloglossia is without using a laser. This procedure utilizes a technique featuring scissors or a scalpel and sutures for precise tissue release at the proper depth. With, there is no potential for thermal tissue damage, and the sutures result in minimal scar tissue.

Release, Recovery, and Recheck Equal a Lifetime of Results

Developments in dental technology, such as the Solea Laser used at Bridger Children’s Dentistry, have drastically improved soft-tissue procedures such as children’s tongue-tie release near you. Because every child is unique, we can’t detail your child’s exact procedure without first meeting and examining them. However, the soft tissue release is often completed in under 5 minutes. When the child is able to cooperate for suturing, this will allow for more reliable healing, resulting in minimal scar tissue.

Before leaving our office, Dr. Aleagha and her team will provide you with exercises to be done at home to achieve maximum benefit before rechecking the procedure in a follow-up appointment, which usually occurs one week from the date of the procedure. That means that after one quick procedure and one week of recovery after the release, your child will benefit from a lifetime of worry-free tongue and lip developmental concerns.

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There is no better time than now to explore the benefits of a tongue and lip tie in Bozeman, MT, for older children from our caring dentist near you. Your concerns and your child’s discomfort could be remedied in record time when you book an appointment today using our convenient online booking tool.

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