Solea Laser Dentistry

Solea Laser Dentistry in Bozeman, MT

Young children understandably feel anxious while visiting the dentist, which is why our friendly children’s dentist near you uses the most advanced equipment. Solea laser technology is a pain-free, simple, and almost noiseless way of treating pediatric dental problems.

Our skilled dentist, Dr. Aleagha, provides an extensive range of children’s dental treatments. Please call Bridger Children’s Dentistry for an appointment with our skilled dentist.

Advantages of Solea Lasers in Bozeman, MT

Thanks to modern laser technology, our young patients at Bridger Children’s Dentistry are able to enjoy non-invasive, quicker, and anesthesia-free treatments.

Dental lasers offer a more silent alternative to noisy drills that may sometimes intimidate children. Solea lasers are a non-invasive way to treat gum lesions, cavity formation, tooth decay, and ulcers in the oral cavity.

Additional advantages of using Solea laser near you:

  • Lasers have an analgesic effect (pain reduction), which means we don’t need to administer local sedation.
  • Our highly trained dentist, Dr. Aleagha, is able to complete more than one procedure due to shorter treatment times.
  • There is less likelihood of bleeding or needing sutures.
  • Children experience far less dental anxiety.

The Following is a List of Procedures That can be Performed Using the Solea Laser:

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced children’s dentist in Bozeman, MT, for any concerns regarding your child’s oral health.

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