Solea Dental Laser Enabling Patients to Receive Dental Fillings without Fear

Solea Dental Laser Enabling Patients to Receive Dental Fillings without Fear

July 13, 2021

Most patients hate visits to their dentist, fearing the strange noises of the dental drill, the numbing effects of the procedure, and any after-effects of the dental practice. People don’t mind neglecting dental visits altogether, leaving infections like tooth decay to continue in their mouths. Perhaps it is why dentists are currently adopting Solea dental as a technique of easing patient fears and ensuring they receive the dental treatments needed fearlessly.

The efficient Solea laser is currently replacing the traditional scalpel for gum surgery and placing dental fillings, helping quell the fear in patient’s minds that prevented them from receiving the necessary treatments. In addition, Solea laser makes it easier for dentists to perform procedures like dental fillings and gum surgery without administering anesthesia by adopting a no-needle approach.

Solea dental procedures enable dentists to complete appointments faster because they don’t have to wait for the patient to experience the numbing effects of anesthesia before starting any process. Dentists are currently providing services to more patients using the Solea laser, confirming how technology is proving beneficial for dentists.

Dentists Performing Faster Procedures with Solea Dental Laser

The Solea dental laser enables dentists to perform more dental procedures than earlier because dentists don’t have to calm patients before injecting local anesthesia. Waiting until the aesthetic has taken hold of the patient requires some time. Thankfully the Solea laser ensures the patient can begin receiving the treatment scheduled when they arrive at the dental practice.

Dentists begin with the patient immediately as they arrive for their appointment. Patients also benefit from the Solea dental laser procedures because they can leave the dental practice faster.

Solea Dental Laser Providing Anxiety-Free Cavity Treatment for Kids

When treating children with cavities, pediatric dentists have discovered an excellent method of eliminating the fear of needles and numbing in children. Solea laser dental for kids enables pediatric dentists to provide straightforward treatments for dental cavities using a non-invasive procedure that eliminates any numbing feeling in the mouth. In addition, using Solea laser, the child’s dentists complete high-quality dental treatments faster, leaving parents and patients more time to enjoy their day.

How Do Patients Benefit from Solea Dental Laser?

Patients desiring more information about procedures performed using the Solea dental laser must visit their dentist for a consultation. Dentists can describe the efficacy of the Solea laser to comfort patients after inquiring into the patient’s requirements. For example, the Solea laser is effective when performing gum surgery or providing dental fillings.

Patients qualifying for the treatment experience virtually no bleeding because the Solea laser cauterizes the wounds while cutting, leaving patients with no sutures in the mouth or post-operative pain of the severe variety. In addition, patients are not given any anesthetic shots because treatments with lasers are comfortable and painless.

The Solea laser does not expose patients to noises, smells, and downtime generally experienced with dental procedures. Instead, patients can walk into the dental practice and walk out as though they were visiting the practice for a social visit.

Procedures Dentists Are Performing with the Solea Laser

The Solea laser is beneficial for use in many dental procedures. However, the most common dental problem affecting people is cavities causing permanent damage to a tooth. The Solea laser helps dentists remove tooth decay within a tooth to prepare it for a filling. Patients must understand the Solea laser filling procedure is more comfortable than the traditional filling process requiring dentists to drill the tooth after providing anesthetic medications.

Dentists providing Solea laser fillings remove the decay and bacteria from within the tooth before preparing it for the filling. Dentists also use lasers to eradicate bacteria infecting the dental pulp when performing root canal treatment.

The Solea laser proves beneficial to perform biopsies for detecting cancer cells and relieving pain from canker sores. Best of all, people wishing a brighter and whiter smile can expect heat whitening treatments faster when lasers help accelerate the bleaching process on the tooth. The Solea laser is quickly becoming popular among dentists accepting the technology to ease dental anxiety among patients and build an extra set of clientele for themselves.

People needing cavities filled for themselves or their children or any other procedures must inquire with their dentists whether they are suitable for painless procedures provided by technology such as the Solea laser. In every likelihood, patients will receive clear answers from their dentist, who may have invested in the technology to benefit from and provide patients to receive any treatment they need fearlessly.