Kelsey - Dental Assistant-RHS Certified


Dental Assistant-RHS Certified

I was born and raised in Bozeman – in fact, I’m the fourth generation! I spent some time in Arizona before I decided that it was too hot for me, and I came back to where I belong. I have spent the past 2 years in dental, with everything from orthodontics to pediatrics. I love meeting all of our fantastic patients and learning a fun fact about each of them, and hopefully getting a laugh if I can! A little fun fact about me: I was raised on a dairy farm, and I enjoy spending time with all sorts of animals. My favorite pastimes bounce between hiking, camping, playing music, and hanging out with my amazing family. If you happen to see me, you can help me learn something new by giving me a piece of trivia!

Things that make me smile:

My family, horses, Star Wars, instrument/music stores, dancing!